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About us – Renewal Rehab

About us

About us


Our mission is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services with dedication and compassion.

We provide contract therapy services in partnership with nursing homes, rehab centers, long term care living and assisted living communities. Renewal Rehab offers a variety of partnership options for nursing homes. From basic therapy services to full contract services to hybrid services, Renewal Rehab can adjust the service model to fit the needs of your patients and your entire healthcare facility.

We are committed to providing a continuum of care by overseeing all aspects of therapy delivery with a focus on efficient service and excellent results. Our dedicated team members truly care about each one of their patients, and work together to achieve their unique therapy goals.


Dov Belsky
Clinical Coordinator
Presque Isle Medical Technologies

“We know that we can rely on Renewal Rehab to provide our patients with the best possible therapy. ┬áRenewal’s therapy team makes our job that much easier, thanks to their professionalism and true compassion.”

Lisa Ulbert, LNHA
Regional Director of Operations
Aperion Care, Inc.

“Our excellent partnership with Renewal Rehab has significantly contributed to the success of our facilities. Renewal’s therapists go above and beyond to rehabilitate our residents and provide a level of customer service that exceeds all expectations.”