Do you care about your patients and helping them to achieve their therapy goals with warmth and compassion?

So do we.


We care about you, so that you can better care for your patients. At Renewal Rehab, we fully support our staff members in order to provide the ultimate clinical care with warmth and compassion.


We are all on the same team. At Renewal Rehab, we will work with your personal preferences to help you achieve your professional goals.






Friendly Environment

We’re all friends here, and we maintain a personal relationship with every one of our employees.

Support for New Grads

We provide new graduates with supportive mentors and training systems to acclimate them to their new position.

Work/Life Balance

We offer flexible scheduling so that you can make your work life work for you.

Realistic Goals

We set realistic productivity expectations, so that you can do your best.

Competitive Salary

We offer a competitive salary, with a built in bonus system, and our Clinical Champion Program promotes skill development and career advancement.

Low Turnover

We have the lowest employee turnover rate in the industry, because we care about each individual.

Ongoing Training

We offer ongoing training so that you can enhance your skills.

Continuing Education

We provide access to a full library of courses to expand your knowledge.